Wrestling out of depression

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Rocky came to our screens during the 80’s and, showed us a Philadelphian story of one man battling to make his way in a depressing world, and with the glitz and, glamour of the big screen this became a very iconic American image.  The Rocky ballads became famous, and in moments of depression the music wakes up most of us to get motivated.  I saw this true in the arthouse film ‘Persepolis’, as a depressed Iranian woman with a terrible singing voice used the ballad to demonstrate a burst of motivation in a depressing world.  Combat


sports do this, and bring out that Rocky mentality in all of us, and it works because it suits our environment.  In times of atrocious actions we can draw motivation from these combat sports;  we saw that with the ‘Great Abe’ with a reputation of being a giant of wrestling, with the ability to bring a country to peace with the ‘State of the Union speech’.  These combat sports are most popular in areas of deprivation, particularly wrestling which  is seen as a major sport in countries in conflict areas in the middle east, and with countries which have had conflict with each other.  I just hope that through wrestling we can all see that ‘Great Abe’ in all of us, where we see ferocious influence on peace.


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