Companies I’ve been working with.

This agency was at the forefront of the revolution to internet mobile usage. We were one of the first companies to support mobile responsive and mobile specific websites.
Providing a technical support role behind the scenes, ensuring operations run smoothly against this rapidly expanding sameday courier service

A portfolio of some of the projects I’ve been working on for the above firms.

Custom Web Application

Custom build applications, converting the wordpress platform into a powerful web application. In this instance I had previous forked code for the format of the form, and used custom SQL and PHP to build a custom database in the backend of wordpress that inherited the prefix values of native wordpress.

The forms also import data from one table into select dropdown fields to provide fields to populate another database wit pre-defined values.

I’ve then called thick-box in wordpress, and customised the javascript file to load-up the native media uploader with bind events so that multiple instances of the form could be generated.

Magento Build

This was a magento build involving the migration of over 3,000 products onto the platform, and integrating with the brightpearl platform. This was also linked into wordpress to give the glossy magazine style sales approach associated with the risk racing brand.

PSD to wordpress

This is a site I worked on at – This was my first project as part of a collaborative team project. A college took on the role as an illustration artist who developed PSD’s for me to convert into frontend design.

Slick and Stylist

DI Chauffeurs was looking to establish it’s self as a luxury brand with high net worth clients in the London area. The build established a slick and stylish look and feel, to showcase their luxury vehicle product.

Mobile Specific

Tickety-boo had a need to establish a mobile specific website to quickly look after their clients who where primary looking to access their website on the move. A mobile specific theme was developed to content manage their website in a wordpress environment. The build concept allows the customer to better serve there mobile audience without the design restriction that comes from a responsive build.