Waffles, frites, beer and chocolates

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Think of what makes Belgium famous, and the thinks that come to mind might be: Waffles, frites, and chocolates.  Whilst anywhere else in the world is famed for things a little less quirky, Belgians revel in it’s quirks, and this makes it the ideal location of the European Parliament.   When we think of European politics it’s just as quirky, and it seems to be a home for quirky politics, the French get to rave on about there food, Germans get to talk about infrastructure, Italians about the paparazzi, and us Brits like to be polite, and brush our noses up at the brash out-there Europeans.  Typically however, that’s not how we all behave in our respective countries, but somehow Europe is the home for the quirkiest of each countries politics.

However the European Parliament is a force to bring our identity together, but we find that the same force brings us together exaggerates our need to express these alternate quirks of our own country which divide us.


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