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Wrestling is a word that can be taken as a literal meaning to describe both the physical and also the verbal world of wrestling with problems.  In British wrestling it seems the concept doesn’t just belong on the mat, but also enters the world of sports politics.  Indeed it never a new concept for a combat based sport to be entangled in bitter rowes and arguments.  However in a sport which has the weight of Olympic success dangling on the end of it, the stakes are much higher.  Arguments are always full of peoples stories, and it’s somewhat difficult to paint a picture of what this is within wrestling because it’s a sport where the skill sets involved are both implicit and explicit.  Within wrestling which one of these skill sets is more important is always up for debate.

So whilst it’s difficult to paint a picture of what is going on, wrestling is an art which already has it’s own picture.  It’s is a sports which spans millennia and, and it has it’s own echelons which are beautiful.  Weather its understanding the romantic concepts of just sear power, or the grace and movement of the athletes, the years of training or the chess like mentality to defeat your opponent.  These are concepts that belong on the mat, and are to be understood as on the mat.

A friend of mine Prof Geoff Beattie taught me that we remember what most tragic very well.  What I see in wrestling is some off the most motivated people I know, trying to make sense of the immense world of wrestling in a few conversations, and in doing so get upto the hype of argument, and still don’t fulfill ever understanding the sport.  Indeed wrestling is a sport which has only ever been understood through millennia, and never by just one alone.

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