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June 12, 2010 1:34 pm Published by 418 Comments

It’s not for me to ignore what will be shaping our thoughts in the fore coming few days, and its a question of whether we should ignore what influences us. I think we should always beware of what influences us, it’s this where we can think ‘where we are now’. I mean you can always think where we want to be, and this gives us motivation to achieve, but if there are challenges to achieve this, we have to look at; ‘do we have the want to go from where we are at right now to do what ever we want to be’.

But then, there is a question of environment, and what influences us is our environment, and if this is the case then really is all the above just a bit of human mechanism to control our environment. Football somehow just lives up to this, it is a constant influencer on peoples’ lives, and when a player steps into the right environment there is just something about being in contact, somehow we keep pace as long as we can remain in contact. The rest is just about getting to that position where we can ‘keep contact’, and personally I just think there is just so much in knowing where we stand as of now, and from there we just get so much more out of our surrounding influences.

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