What is Wrestling?

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Wrestling isn’t part of my normal persona, I’ve always been occupied by other sports mainly running, and then martial arts.  I suppose martial arts plays towards wrestling, and there is an interest there but, its been difficult to get around to I suppose.  Still, I’ve been supporting British Wrestling since they had the Commonwealths in Manchester back in 2002, mainly just at competitions doing the timekeeping.  Well its getting towards 2012, and looking like I’d be doing timekeeping duties, but just need to make sure I get good at it I suppose.

So here’s the question, what is Wrestling?

Well when it comes to Olympic sports, wrestling is at the heart of it.  Maybe other sports have become more popular but, wrestling is just the sport that is most naturally involved with the Olympics.  It just defines that early concept of competition, and just seems to have Olympics at it’s root.  It’s almost the inspiration of the Citius, Altius, Fortius motto.  It’s like everything of the modern Olympics was born out of wrestling.

This just means that wrestling just has big echelons to live upto.  When that wrestler steps on the mat, it is something that spans 1000s of years.  It’s more than just the sport, it’s the Olympics at it’s core.

This is what wrestling is!

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