History of Stockport

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downloadStockport is a town on the site of an old ‘ford’, in which travelers between London and Manchester would have to stop at on their journeys.  This is where Stockport got it’s name, as it became synonymous with stopping at a ford.  Because of this it is thought to have been a site for one of many of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s stables, and he was reported riding over a bridge in ‘Vernon Park’ during his escape to Scotland.

To this day Stockport has retained it’s link with stopping at, as it still keeps a law whereby all trains from London to Manchester must stop at Stockport.  This is because they had to build a very big bridge out of house bricks, which is to this day the largest brick structure in Europe.  Additionally, the traffic is really busy on the M60 going under this bridge, and it is likely during rush hour that you might have to slow to a stop going under it.

A nickname of Stockportonians is the ‘Mad Hatters’ this is a name that they got during their illustrious Hat Making exploits.  It’s reported that they became mad, after sniffing the stuff they used to make the hats.

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