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I am trying to influence policy on obesity issues with NHS news producing research for policy makers, and us not having anything in the conference that relates to this makes us the weak link. We’ve spent several billion on the Olympics, and the population of obesity in the UK still rise from 15 million in the UK to 26 million. This will have an estimated cost of 1.9 to 2 billion in treating obesity related issues, this is money the NHS will have to spend despite having there budgets frozen. I believe very carefull consideration to policy is this area need to be considered by conference. It is not an excuse that we have too many motions to go through at conference, this is something that needs tackling. This specifically needs tackling between London 2012 and Glasgow 2014, if we are investing in sport this needs to be integrated with the NHS. Sport needs to be a real solution to peoples health problems, because there are countless examples of athletes overcoming medical issues through having an adaptive attitude, and solving health issues by becoming fitter, faster, and stronger.

In addition the costs of obesity are only related to costs directly to the NHS the actual costs in addition to the economy as people suffering from obesity related conditions will also suffer loss of productivity.

Solutions: We need to look at integrating sports clubs with NHS services, such as providing sports medicine doctors, within sports clubs. Also ensuring that internal solutions are promoted, and work towards people developing adaptive attitudes to solving health issues. Promoting athletes such as diabetes suffer Steve Redgrave, promoting asthma suffers in sport such as David Beckham, Paula Radcliffe. Also better converage of how athletes make there recovery from illness. These are the sort of things people need access too, as we are in a current state where the only solutions promoted are external. We currently expect that people have this computer brain that simply has to think running is good for fitness, that doesn’t teach people to enjoy sport. Or just food labelling which does have a good effect, but isn’t a whole of mind and, body solution. People need to start to understand that health and fitness isn’t just about facts and, figures we have an animal brain which also needs pushing, and developing which has to be developed with our computer brain.

These solutions are cheaper for the NHS, and better for the economy, and promote a healthy population, and deserve to be taken seriously.

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