Should Libdems be more responsible?

November 12, 2012 9:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

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Conservatives and Labour are funded by organisations, and this comes at a price that influences the policies they make.  However Libdems don’t have this situation, they are members funded, or at least they enjoy some business support from pro-European businesses.  So Libdems can make better decisions on politics, they are in a better position to make better decisions.  I think it’s right that the public criticise us Libdems harder when we get it wrong, because I believe people in the other parties want to make the right choices.  I believe what the public saw at the last election on a whole was that there is a certain gravity to that there will always be the situation of the two big funded parties.  I believe Libdems in the middle can and, should sort it out!  And without this how can anyone believe in politics at all.  We need to see this, and better understand that the Libdems have this role, and have been trusted with it, and we can’t sit around waiting for Unlock Democracy to sort it out for us.  Libdems need to sort it out for ourselves.  Libdems work hard; lets’ get to grips with this and, have some sophistication about ourselves.

BTW; The coalition is business fuelled, it the mix of Conservative Business funding, and Libdem Euro-Business.  Put then together what have you got; Business, with a tinge of Liberal values, this is why tuition fees went out the window, and only liberal in administration.

Question: Could a hung parliament work

Answer: With some sophistication, and understanding my answer is a yes!!!

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