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One thing I’m completely useless at is keeping records of training, and yet time and, time again successes in sport are achieved by people with a desire to record every training event in some sort of diary.  So an instruction from a wrestling coach to make a note of what I’ve been learning is a timely kick-up the backside to do this.  Not that I’m particularly prolific at wrestling, however if I take the time to do my homework and, keep records… this could be a story of self-improvement.  Maybe it’s an ambitious leap of faith, a certain confidence to achieve, or simply an ingredient of success; that’s a part of the breakdown of success.

I think part of my problem doing a training blog is partly due to my desire to develop a philosophy to training, developing a way of thinking.  Then again, maybe this is just a system to hoodwink myself into training harder.  Certainly in my memory of running, I use systems of being able to run comfortably at higher, and higher intensities.  I’ve found this effective, if not sometimes a little eccentric at times….. Which brings us to the world of the ultra-distance runner, a species that is know for it’s peculiar eccentric personalities, and I am no exception.    Certainly anyone who develops a sense of gaining pleasure from forcing themselves to run silly distances beyond what is simply healthy has to be an eccentric.  Indeed being able to think this way, is somewhat of a random process.  It is a process of hard work, and just blind luck that leads to achievement.

Wrestling however is not a sport that requires something different, but it doesn’t have that eccentric link.  Wrestling is however a combat sport, and luck and hard work are always synonymous with competition.  It is something that is essential to wrestling; that link to competition.  It is something that is part of the breakdown of wrestling. It’s an ingredient which fits into the sport which mirrors the training, but also breeds sanity into the sport. This is the ingredient that the sport is reliant on; it’s the dedication, and hard work which underpin success.

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