Running and the Internet

November 24, 2012 7:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Running is something that is pretty independent, but becomes part of other things such as catching the bus, or playing football.  However the internet has it’s own life, which seems to have a relationship with running i.e runners write blogs, search for races, and plan training.  This all happens en-mass on the internet.  So it’s a question of what exactly is controlling what?

Running has it’s own history that had never involved the internet, and this is a question that might sound meticulous, but if we are too really understand what running is; surely we should understand why as runners we use the internet.  This is a question which I think doesn’t get asked between this automatic world of the internet, and the straight forward world of running.  We see the internet doing lots of good things like making running ever more accessible, but where do things like self-transcendence come into it.  This makes me ask is running something that has to become part of the internet…?  Or Is it like running is the substance of what we do in reality that the internet needs?

Some will simply believe that the internet will simply be a replacement for a traditional runners’ diary that’s a bit more public, and the world of running, and the internet will make perfect sense.  However in this automatic world of the internet people will also feel, that an online training diary should simply work the same as any other computer program.  Because that’s the intuitive way of looking at it, if it’s on a computer it works like a computer, and the subtle state of mind differences will be lost!

However I see the internet as something that is settling, I think it’s like gravity, and as time goes on as the generations access the internet there will be a sophistication that will come.  However at this time, this doesn’t exist, there is a transcendence that doesn’t exist on the internet.  We are generations that are separated by the internet.  We are alone as a millennial generation like that of generation X.  It might be only time, which will sort this out.

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