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You know my blog is called trepidation, and well erm it’s with some trepidation that that I have when I update my blog. I suppose this well erm something of a private novelty which I afford with my own website, however privately I suppose this keeps me entertained.

Somehow though, its with this little bit of trepidation that stirs ideas, and it’s thinking about what makes differences; that I come to think well Rhetoric is ‘well’ really important. I mean you see it all over, and people just develop ways of communicating, and some of that is just from from the ‘power of relationships’, or where it just comes from communicating with people in the same situation. And well, I just wanted people to think well about Rhetoric. Just well, how to say something to someone who would understand you differently, or well, how someone can mean something different to how they sound.

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