Reality Versus Fantasy

May 26, 2010 11:49 pm Published by 92 Comments

What is it about our minds, that just has to have this notion of a fantasy reality. It seems impossible for us to exist in this state of fantasy forever, and that’s just how we are wired. But why are we wired this way, and why is there such a stark difference between reality and fantasy. Well, there is no way of getting to the bottom of this, but just trying however throws up a few other ideas. It’s like this is the journey we are on, and it’s about being able to maintain this fantasy relationship with our reality. Then it seems to go further than this, and we start to see it is ‘people who maintain this sense of reality’ that we consider as successfull, and that’s just something that seems to be systematic, all around the globe.

So what is it that means, we get to stay in this fantasy state for longer;
Well I’d have 3 main areas which are; Mental Attitude, Knowledge, and the physical involvement with the world. Then just look at how these things apply to various different fantasies, i.e within sport, with career aspirations, with money and maybe within virtual reality even.

Take sport for example; you have the mental attitude thing, with being focused, being consistent, and host load of other things, that would need really wording out. You then have Knowledge, you may find that you get considerable benifits from specific ways of training, and or its maybe about researching your opponents. Then you have the physical side of things, like diet, facilities etc which make fundamental differences.

All, in all I’ve probably not got any closer to understanding the idea of ‘Reality versus Fantasy’, but I think we start to make it a less stark relationship, with persaverance.

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