Racist Language

October 13, 2011 2:43 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Why do people use racist language? you know the ones where they abbreviate the actual word, and think the abbreviated word is a normal word.  I mean well it’s just so obvious, and everyone knows they are racist because they’ve been used just soo badly in the past.  So logically, well, you just don’t use them, do you.  That’s at least my logical anyway.  But it just doesn’t seem to work with some people, but why?

Is there actually some logic to it, I mean if you believe that everyone has a place in society, can it possibly be logical.  I mean it’s a question of language, and people use language in different ways, and well words mean different things from different people.  They make up a dialogue within a dialogue, and there are no rules to this…………  So with some thought I can acknowledge that these bad languages don’t necessarily have this racist hate within them.  But I just can’t properly acknowledge that, I mean not really.  I just couldn’t say that someone using these words wasn’t racist.  But that’s it really. it’s just consensus that programs us not to use these words, and the completely obvious, that you just never racially hate someone.  I mean that’s beyond consensus, I mean that’s just wrong!  

So well, I just think the same really, and these words that some people use, are the prerogative of the stupid, who can’t understand what consensus means!  Sorry to be blunt, but just going with consensus I suppose.

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