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October 8, 2011 11:51 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Well I’m in the UK, and we’ve got this coalition government between the Conservatives and, Lib Dems.  The status quo has always been Conservatives vs Labour, so who are the Lib Dems, and why did this come into existence.  Well I’m a Lib Dem, and we’ve always been associated with this protest vote.  Like, if you didn’t like what the Tory’s (Conservatives) or what Labour we’re upto you just voted Lib Dems.  Which kind of makes me sad really. 

I mean am I just the product of being a disaffected voter of another party? I have this horrible suspicion of just well, I just might be, and I find in the coalition, I start to think the Tory’s are quiet good, and Cameron sounds well, alright, actually.   

Well I suppose that view just depends on whether you believe in this two party status quo.  But I just like the fact of this other party who can act against status quo.  I mean the Tory’s have some good ideas but they have this rhetoric that just alienates those who just don’t have the same opportunities.  Labour, seem to have pockets of good ideas but don’t seem to co-ordinate them to be coherent as a overall idea.  Still Lib Dem’s have there faults, and seem to come a miss by playing the other parties as villains.

I would say we have to change this villianisation, and get back to this party that’s just better.  I mean this is so that we don’t go on silly rants about tuition fees, and put something more constructive on the table that talks about the facilities, and standards of education.

That’s my take anyway.  Sorry if it’s a Lib Dem one, but we’ve all got our bias, and I do feel Lib Dems need a fair opinion of them.  But I hope this makes it more obvious what Lib Dems think, well at least of myself anyway.

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