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I was wondering why I keep my blog as I do, what sort of patterns between my posts have I been making? I started to think that I seem to follow a pattern, of just focusing on just a ‘word’, and this word just becomes this special meaning.  Somehow that special meaning is different from the dictionary meaning, it’s like we have this a natural facination of language that just seems to be like each word embodies a concept of meaning.  It’s just ‘meaning’ just seems somehow, bigger than the word its self. 

Then again there is the cynical side of myself, knowing that my website ranks behind the dictionary definition of ‘trepidation’.  Hence maybe its just logical that the people who search for trepidation usually are interested in this format.  I mean, the people who come to my website just have this interest in words, and their meanings, and well I somehow tune into this and entertain that concept.

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