Masculinity in Feminism

August 10, 2013 9:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

images (3)It’s difficult to talk about femininity or masculinity without taking some sort of side on the subject, often this is biased by our own sex and, what we end up with is a Men vs Women debate. To help digest the subject and, talk about masculinity and feminism together I wanted to talk about the female caring instinct, and what I would call the male equivalent which is a friendly instinct. That is if females do have a natural instinct, then surely males have an equivalent and, I think what most describes this in masculinity is the ‘friendly instinct’. It’s the friendly instinct which I find interesting as it’s always present, and on the whole it’s a positive instinct, however there is a downside and, that’s that even in the most vile comment, this instinct is always present because it’s an instinct. The result is that these comments are much more socially acceptable, because they are always perceived to be just banter, or could be what is termed ‘everyday sexism’. In femininity the ‘caring instinct’ is ever present, and again it’s a positive instinct but again can lead it to make female comments that are negative to have a perceived perception as okay because they are caring.

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