Is The World Flat?

April 16, 2011 5:56 pm Published by 1 Comment

Well we pretty much take it for granted the world is broadly spearical, but if you were to just look at it in the near distance, you would see lots of hills, and overall it would look pretty flat and it’s a bit more confusing.  

It almost seems completly silly now to suggest the the World is flat these days.  But surely with all these questions about the universe, it does seem that is very easy to have lots of silly ideas about how the universe does work.  In fact it mostly probable that most of the ideas we have on this, in some sphere are often pretty silly.

But we do except some of these ideas, and we know that they might not necessarily be correct.  Most of us except this Newtonian idea of gravity, and with good reason, yet Einsteins Stress Energy Tensor argues against allot of the ideas of Mass as the cause of gravity.  We seemingly choose to except these ideas, and only reject them once we have somethinelse to grasp onto.  Does this tell us something about ourselves, are we incapable of not having a belief?

Then, if we have this incapacity of not having a belief, where does this leave us when concepts we believe in no longer exist? Further more, it seem society is setup, for these changes to occur, we all see changes in governments, we see changes to sports clubs we support, and we constantly change our own beliefs.  But when these beliefs no longer exist, it does seem we just lack something, and that is something we struggle to identify with until we have a concept that we are capable of excepting.

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