Is any political party radical enough

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Thought I’d title this a blog based on something someone else has said, so it’s a little like I don’t know exactly what I’m exactly write about. It’s also a mystery into how much control I have over what I’m writing about, however that’s what I wanted to get across how much control do we really have about our own ideas, are they really our own ideas or, are they more a product of institutions. So I bring you back to the title ‘Is any political party radical enough’, and this for me makes me think of, if we are part of a political party are our ideas more akin to belonging to that institution. To get a sense of this, history has a habit of reminding us of this, if we all think back we all have a realisation that history repeats itself. That’s just it, however we seem to be automatic creatures, there seem to be things that never change, and this makes the world very predictable to pundits.
Over time things do change, the ‘Magna Carta’ becomes ‘The Constitution’ in the USA, and I suppose the Arab Spring was a long time in the making. So maybe change does happen, but it does seem like it takes more than a generation to sort it out, in fact it seems that it takes several generations. We are these creatures of habit that elude to big change which never seems to happen, we just live our lives always being the same, never realising it’s purported onto our children through education. So how can governments make these changes? We measure politics on this premise of what they do in their life time, and it seems a little wacky if we are incapable making sudden change that we try to do this. I’m doing my best not to be too partisan here, but what will the concept of ‘Green Economy’ mean in future, and should it be taught in schools?
Here’s another question, if this article was written about ‘Is any political party radical enough’, what does it mean, when it’s purported to someone else? Perhaps it’s akin to throwing a snowball in hell but in terms of the principle is what I’m really getting at

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