Good Luck

October 8, 2010 12:52 am Published by 7 Comments

It sometimes interesting just to turn our attention to the little things, and it’s like something we do without any inhabition as a child.  However sometimes we just develop this little sense of bias of being scared in the so called ‘Real World’, where we have all these goals and aspirations, and stuff! Then there is just this idea of ‘Good Luck’, when you think about it we seem to think about it all the time, its like a consistency throughout our lives in what ever we do.  It seems to be something that transends all the cultures, and every background. 

I know it might seem a bit weird to talk about ‘Good Luck’ in this way, but when I think about it like that, it confuses me.  It’s like what are we really thinking about all the time, is it just this sense of ‘Good Luck’, or is it actually our aspirations which is underpinned by this sense of ‘Good Luck’. 

However, I think if we can ask questions like this, is it actually something else we think about entirely.  That is if we can ask questions like this, and I am not really sure if we can, and by that I mean no one might know what I’m taking about!


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