Glow Ball

May 12, 2010 4:28 pm Published by

This is a basic little video with some special effects, my camera is now broken so this is using my webcam, so its not great quality, not that my camera was good quality anyways. I did this using some freebie programmes on the internet, namely blender in which you can do all your 3d modelling, and voodoo for the camera tracking. (if you want to know how just type in ‘voodoo camera tracking tutuorials’ in Youtube)

I’m dreading trying to improve on this though, as I think the direct from doing this is going into ‘light saber’ star wars stylie fights, and that might be a little too advanced. Still it would be pretty cool, if I could do ‘Star Wars’ fights for like ermm nothing, when it kind of costs ‘George Lucas’ just a little bit more.

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