Exercise in the Economy

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Exercise was once linked to economics, you worked hard you got fit.  Working hard, and getting fit is a paradox that is a natural equation, but in a millennium world it’s not a natural fit.  Fit becomes a word that word that describes, someone’s look, or a consumerist issues of being ‘fit for purpose’.  Living longer is more of a given, we can simply be prescribed a concoction of drugs to remedy this problem.  So what happens when we continue to live in this world where as beings that evolution taught us working hard kept us fit comes to an end.  In simple terms, we don’t understand it as a society, there are still the few of us that find a place for fitness, but as a whole no.  We have to invent an industry for fitness, it’s the whole design of industry that really doesn’t suit everyone’s specific consumerist world.

These are problems, and they have trends which stretch further into the future, until our subconscious minds learn to adapt, and evolve.  So what happens until this evolution takes place? Well the same cruel fate of what evolution has always gone through, we suffer.  We get to live longer through medical care, however we still remain unfit, we don’t enjoy high quality of life, and the economy becomes unbalanced by people unable to work.  Time and, evolution may change this in the future, but here today is a generation that has changed faster than it’s subconscious can keep up with.

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