Does Britain have a Wrestling psyche?

June 22, 2013 6:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

images (10)Every culture and, society has it’s own style of wrestling and, with this style it helps shape the ideas and, thoughts of that culture. In Britain we have what was called ‘Catch Wrestling’, which bore fruit to the phrase ‘Catch as Catch Can’ meaning to catch your opponent any which way you can. This makes us a nation that is both constantly competitive but also strives for ingenuity, and these are things that we see today. The trouble is what I see is a sense of historic appreciation for the sport, and I don’t think we sometimes appreciate the influence this has on our society. It does seem that wrestling has dropped away from a modern British psyche with the ‘class system’. Maybe this is because wrestling is felt to belong to the working classes, and as an afterthought it becomes a nostalgic reminiscent part of our psyche. What does get me is that these ideas of catching your opponent in any which way you can, being competitive, inventive and, strong through adversity are what makes Britain what it is. I say we need to get wrestling back in our psyche as a British sport, one that which is thought to be the birthplace of modern freestyle wrestling.

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