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November 7, 2012 10:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Can’t believe I’ve been neglecting to update this blog now for approaching a year, so it’s a question of what is this a measure of? Approaching a year is something of a long time, and there has been an enormous amount of interesting stuff happening through out the year; I’ve had new relationships, new jobs, been involved with the Olympics, helped get my council leader elected, visited Germany and enjoyed the spectacle of the Documenta.  True I’ve also been spending ‘Time’ faffing around trying to get my laptop to work, and it’s always a bugger trying to type anything on a tablet computer thing, but it’s still approaching a year without updating :! However ‘Time’ is something of a commodity that we don’t understand, we have this uncanny ability to understand the concept of ‘Money’, and what it is.  However ‘Time’ as a commodity is a little strange, we don’t barter with it, and if we were to serve time as a debt repayment it is something more of a punishment.  With ‘Money’ however we have faster cars, faster communication, faster food, and fewer ‘Time’ consuming problems, so ‘Money’ buys you more ‘Time’.  So this is the paradox of ‘Time’ and ‘Money’, maybe it’s not exactly that they equal each other, but they certainly represent each other.  It seems that we are people who are really just products of what we devote our time too, but to barter with it we are products of ‘Money’, and this is just how the world is understood to our minds and existence.


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