Control and Aggression

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I say ‘Control and Aggression’ and I think of Martial Arts.  I remember Alfie Lewis would describe that you need lots of controlled aggression in Martial Arts.  You need lots of Control and lots of aggression, and you need them together otherwise it just doesn’t work.  But what do I think of this, well I like the control side of this, I mean aggression is just aggression, and besides I don’t have a great deal of this.  However its the combination of the two, that makes Martial Arts look good.  That’s what gives martial arts it’s explosivity, which looks good, and it’s drive to overcome adversity is in that too.  But there is also the control element, this is that part that looks like dance or sometimes gymnastics, which inherently looks good.  It’s the combination of the two though that makes martial arts, and not without each other that they do this, and it becomes a definition of ‘good’.   

But is it just Control and Aggression that go together like this, what about ‘Mind Body and Sprit’, or the Ying and Yang, are these the same thing also.  Yes, is what I’d suggest and, they seem to be a part of our evolution, and symbolise this notion that we essential have two parts to our brain, they almost function independently, but not quite.  It’s a Tai Chi philosophy that different positions represent different concepts, with the gut being the first point that is formed in the body.  Which explains this concept of our gut instinct.  This is something that is part of our early evolution, and we need this.   Seperate you can draw on ideas of your heart being were love comes from, and your brain as being were your higher centers operate, and then others that are more subtle.  

The higher centers are were we develop beliefs, and ideas, again we have to have this, and we are not capable of not having these beliefs.  Without these we don’t know what to think, and without our earlier parts of the brain we cannot function.  We need lots of it, in Martial arts and a belief that lets us do this.  The Trick to it is something different though, the trick is the illusions we create that disrupt the balance to it all.

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