Brinnington & Central Elections 2014

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DSC0000206One of my past-times is running, and it’s a place where I can disappear into my own imagination, where the world will simply sees me as a runner, but in my head I just am racing against myself.

Politics is similar the finish line is the election day, and the world will simply see you as a candidate.  There will also be the internal race I run in my head, one which no one will ever know about…

Instead get to know me, speak to me send me a message, understand my creative side, and what me ideas are:

I believe we’ll change through engaging people in politics, once we make a voice as a unit we’ll make that difference.  For too long we are no longer a unit, we are far more insular today than days before electronic communication.  Yet it is easier for us to interact than ever before… get in contact with me if you have questions…



Take it a step further, and find websites that really make it possible to make your community active:


Useful websites include:, and

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