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I suppose there is a little bit of a brat in all of us, I just wondered how much of a ‘brat’ is in me.  I mean my parents have never called me a brat or anything like that, but then I’ve never felt it appropriate to behave that way in front of my parents.  However, but what if I was or am a brat elsewhere?  I mean I’m not someone who is gifted in exactly every area of my life, I think dyslexia sees to that.  But what if I’m gifted in other areas, can I still be a brat, well I think maybe yes!  I mean, could I just have this social aptness that just makes me likeable, and then I’m somehow I’m ignorant of this? What ever this is, maybe if I am likeable to everyone, does this make me socially apt.  And then if I’m socially apt does that bring a certain responsibility, and then how am I meant to behave around other people.  I mean if I’m maybe not entirely focused can I just kid this idea of being likeable with this notion of being funny.  Well then, I think if that is the case; maybe, just maybe I’m occassionally that brat.

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