8 Tricks for Understanding AV

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1/ What sounds good is a subjective experience; for example the scraping sound of metal rubbing over concrete maybe actually perfect audio, but it wouldn’t be a sound that would be a pleasure to listen to over a loudspeaker.   Understanding AV is hence about understanding not only the sound but also how we interpret these sounds.


2/ Sound from a speaker is not real; it’s just an electronic representation of sound.  Whilst you might believe you are hearing the voice of a speaker over a loudspeaker, you are just hearing something that just sounds like the voice of a speaker.  Imagine hearing your friend speak to you, and then hearing them over a telephone and, not been able to recognise their voice.


3/ Keep it simple when problem solving; An obvious reason for this is that this might be the solution, but also because it’s helps eliminate solutions that don’t work, and makes solving the complex problem easier to understand, and simpler.


4/ Always have a contingency plan; projects can take longer than expected especially if you’re working to tight client specifications.  Problems can also occur with equipment, tools, and cabling, and finding the solution can take allot longer if you don’t have some sort of contingency in place.  Examples of contingencies include; spare cables, spare equipment to swap out, having reliable people to knowledge share.


5/ Learn to enjoy getting everything working; it’s important to simply get a kick out of what you’re doing.


6/ Be patient; getting panicky can quickly become confusing, and can make it difficult to maintain confidence.


7/ Study; read widely and always work to develop your knowledge

8/ Friendly; build a strong relationship with your client.  This will make understanding client requirements easier, and ensures communications is stronger.

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