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Wrestling began in the trees, and it’s something that is part of our human condition today.  As children we find ourselves wrestling naturally with each other, whilst our minds have developed in other realms we still have a need to challenge this instinctive side of ourselves.  However an instinct to wrestle doesn’t make wrestling easy, these are instincts that have to be developed, and immersion into the sport is how this is trained.  The secret to winning in the sport is to eat, sleep, and breath the sport; if you can train so that breathing is secondary to your sport, you will be the best.

In mixed martial arts, wrestling is the gel of the sport it allows people to access this instinct in their martial art.  Watch a child play, they will role, they will climb, they will grab things, because that’s our heritage, we evolved as creatures who climbed trees, and banged rocks together.  It’s in strength and, conditioning training that we learn that strength in wrestling comes from climbing ropes were we once climbed trees, picking up bodies where we once moved objects without wheels.  This is about understanding our instinct, it demands a mind that has the vision to embed ourselves in this philosophy, that can take breath away of those who spectate.

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