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February 18, 2010 12:08 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Okay anybody who came to Mantis Freestyle on Tuesdays sincere apologises if you couldn’t get in, it appears someone had locked the door. Which rather unsurprisingly meant that class was rather quiet. That is it was going to be a quiet lesson in any case, because the United Match was on, and we hard training Martial Artists can’t miss a beer and the football can we.

We also need to look at those looking to take dan grades in the seniors, will need to add to the freestyle side of things. On the traditional front, spot-on and, I have Sensei Steve, and Sensei Bev to thank for that. I can’t see any other club being better than us on the Basics front, we really are on the mark here, well done.

I’ve updated the Youtube clips on here, Bushinsho Kata has a very bad hook kick in at the end, and some of the moves go off the camera as I didn’t have a camera man. Hey, but its a start!

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