Natural Point

April 21, 2010 12:07 am Published by 3 Comments

I’m still working on my 3d models but the one I’ve been working on I’ve been struggling on so far, just to get it right. But, I still want to keep my website fresh, so no point delaying an update.

I suppose at the moment in my head its all about finding your natural point, and all the things you can achieve from this. Particulary the directions you can go in from here. To re-iterate I’ve been in situations before, were I’ve felt I really need to speak, more about whats on my mind; I think this is the premises of good communication. But I think that extends a bit further than just the verbal wordy element, that is the natural point. I think that it is just this natural point that means that you can expand on this premise of good communication.

Some people say ‘be yourself’ is the best advise you can give someone, but I think there are sometimes tools we need to get there.

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