Hempshaw Lane 2-lane Dual Carriageway

Link: https://trepidation.co.uk/?page_id=2071

Alternative proposal to 2 lane dual carriageway on the Hempshaw lane section of the B5465

The road is currently surrounded by residential property, and was redeveloped after the 1967 Stockport Air disaster in 1980.  Subsequently this section of road was annexed onto the  St Mary’s Way in the 1990’s, and has brought high volumes of traffic to the area affected air pollution, and noise levels.  The current plans will increase the frequency of traffic in the area, and potentially double the noise levels, and increase the amount of reflective noise from hard surfaces (Current council noise studies are inadequate for purpose as they only measure sound in decibels).   Residents are concerned about increased problem parking, noise, speeding driving, and further encroachment into green spaces.

The measures taken to increase capacity in the area will likely be ineffective, as additional crossing points will be required which will hold-up traffic, effectively recreating the same problem issues from stopping buses.  The traffic will also not have anywhere to travel, as the joining sections of St Mary’s Way to Hall Street, are not planned for expansion.

A petition from the surrounding area covering Adcroft St, Ward St, Ebbdale Close, Shawcross St, Canley Close, and Elizabeth Avenue has been submitted to the council.

NB: The area recently had a bus shelter demolished by a joyrider.



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